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What’s the difference between CONST and READONLY in .Net?

Ever sit around talking to your co-workers about random things, when all of a sudden you ask “What’s the difference between const and readonly in .Net?“. If so, you are not alone. If not, well, you’re just weird.

A few weeks ago, I was talking to a developer that I work with, when I asked the exact same question. I remembered though, that when I was working on Poynt while at my last job, we kept getting warnings saying that we should either change our const to readonly, or vice versa. I can’t remember exactly which one, or the reason that was given. I do also vaguley remember that it had something to do with compile time.

Knowing that I wouldn’t be able to sleep without knowing the answer to this riddle, I decided to use Google to see what I could find (If you’ve never used Google, I suggest giving it a try It’s a neat little web site that gives you links to web pages, that are relevant to what you are searching for. I have a feeling that it will become big one day). Continue reading

"Developer Night in Canada" comes to Barrie, Ont.

For those of you in or around, you might be interested in knowing that on Oct 2 2007, the North of Toronto .Net User Group will be holding their very first meeting, by hosting a ‘Developer Night in Canada’. The topic for the evening is ‘Bringing the Power of the .NET Framework to Your Existing Application‘.

Registration for this event is required, and can be done at http://msevents.microsoft.com….