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3 Great Fitness Sites to Help You Get Back in Shape

One of the most popular New Year’s Eve resolutions is to lose weight, or to get in shape. Unfortunately, most people never follow through with their resolutions, and end up giving up within a few months when they see little or no results. (No, I don’t have the stats to back it up, but Gyms and Fitness Centers usually make their money by getting you to signup for a long term contract, knowing that there is a good chance that that you will rarely go, or do the opposite and give out dirt cheap memberships to get as many members as they can, knowing the same thing).

Well here are a few websites that I’ve ran across that will help you get back into shape. No, they won’t drag you out of bed at 6am every morning, and no they won’t be your spotter. Some will help motivate you by showing your progress, while others will help you plan out your routines or running/biking routes.

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