Multiplied Media launches beta of Poynt for the BlackBerry

Poynt Logo On June 11 2008, Multiplied Media (Symbol: TSX-V:MMC) announced the release of the beta version of Poynt for the Blackberry handheld devices.

For those that are unfamiliar with Poynt, it’s a local search service currently for North America (agreements have been signed with t-info of Germany and Infobel which covers over 30 European countries) and is available on MSN ([email protected]) and on AIM (Poynt).

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3 Great Fitness Sites to Help You Get Back in Shape

One of the most popular New Year’s Eve resolutions is to lose weight, or to get in shape. Unfortunately, most people never follow through with their resolutions, and end up giving up within a few months when they see little or no results. (No, I don’t have the stats to back it up, but Gyms and Fitness Centers usually make their money by getting you to signup for a long term contract, knowing that there is a good chance that that you will rarely go, or do the opposite and give out dirt cheap memberships to get as many members as they can, knowing the same thing).

Well here are a few websites that I’ve ran across that will help you get back into shape. No, they won’t drag you out of bed at 6am every morning, and no they won’t be your spotter. Some will help motivate you by showing your progress, while others will help you plan out your routines or running/biking routes.

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Wow, that was a big dump

Not sure if any records were broken or not, but boy did Old Man Winter ever take a huge dumping on us here in the snowbelt last night.

Yesterday when I came home just before 5pm, there was just enough snow on my walk way and in front of my door for me to have to shovel off. At just before 9pm I wanted to head out to get some snacks for the UNC vs. Duke game, but when I went to open my screen door, I could only open it about a foot. I had to literally dig my way out of my apartment, and dig my way out to the road.

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February 2008 Stats

Because I like stats and graphs so much, I’ve decided to share some of February’s stats.

February wasn’t a great month in terms of the number of posts that I was able to write (4 posts in total, one was about January’s stats, one was about a Vista error message and one was written last night about my exam), because most of my extra time was spent studying for the exam that I wrote yesterday. However, stats wise it was a surprisingly good month.

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I’m now Microsoft Certified …

Earlier today I managed to pass my first Microsoft exam, #70-528 – MCTS Web-Based Client Development.

Next up, I’m hoping to take advantage of Microsoft’s second chance promotion, and write the Framework (#70-536) exam by mid April which combined, would give me the “MCTS: .NET Framework 2.0 Web Applications” certification.

After that, I’m hoping to squeak one more in before the June 30th expiration date for the second chance, and either go for the “MCPD: Web Developer” certificate, or do the Windows application exam.

It’s going to be a long few months, but in the end my resume is going to look a bit more colourful with all of the certification images.

Windows Vista Error Message

Here’s a shot of an error message that Windows kept giving me this morning. Normally an error like this I would just ignore and carry on doing whatever it was that I was doing at the time. But this one was different. Vista would keep popping this one up whenever I tried to click on something, such as the Start menu, Taskbar (off topic, but it’s weird that Windows Live Writer says that “Taskbar” is spelt wrong) or even the Desktop.

Sorry for the crummy quality, but I couldn’t do a Print Screen and open up my favourite graphics application, MS Paint, to save it.

Microsoft Windows: The application is not responding. Do you want to end this process?

In case you’re wondering, Vista doesn’t close when I clicked on the “End Process” button.

Update: February 10th, 2008
Ginormous ‘Blue Screen of Death’ Hits Las Vegas

What the @*#&% Were They Thinking?

History is littered with deals or agreements (AOL + Time Warner, eBay + Skype, John Smoltz for Doyle Alexander[who?], Kobe Bryant for Vlade Divac …) where one side clearly came out on top, while the other, thinking at the time it was a great deal, ends up regretting it.

This week there looks to be another one to add to the list, one that I just can’t ignore.

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Free App Du Jour: ASPhere 1.3.0

Welcome to my first ever “Free App du Jour” post, which hopefully will become one of many. The “Free App du Jour” posts are simple posts that spotlight a free application that you probably haven’t heard of yet, but will most likely (or hopefully will) find useful. So you won’t find application such as Firefox, Opera, MySQL, all of the Visual Studio Expresses and SQL Server Express here, since there are pretty well known, and enough people have written about them.

So without further ado …

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