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Adding CSS Colors to Visual Studio 2005

One of my biggest pet peeves about Visual Studio (and there’s a few), is that it displays a lot of HTML formatting errors as errors, instead of warnings in the Error List.

One of the most common HTML errors that Visual Studio 2005 will list for me is the color value, such as “AliceBlue“, “Bisque“, “CornflowerBlue“, “Chartreuse” and “Linen” to name a few.

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15+ Free Visual Studio Add-Ins

Check out the sequel to this post, “15+ FREE Visual Studio Add-Ins – Part 2

After some extensive researching (Googling), I’ve compiled this list of 15+ FREE Add-ins for Visual Studio 2005. Some of these add-ins will help improve the quality of your code, while others will help you code faster, however, none are guaranteed to help you get with the ladies.

If there’s an add-in that I’ve missed and you think that it should be added to this list, just post a comment with the name, URL, and a brief description. But before doing so, make sure that it meets the following strict requirements: a) It must run within Visual Studio 2005. b) It must be free.

So without further ado, here’s my list of 15+ Free Visual Studio 2005 Add-Ins …

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