Useful Visual Studio 2005 Shortcuts

By | November 5, 2020


Shortcut Keys Description
Ctrl + . Other that cut, copy, paste, find and save, I use this shortcut the most.
This shortcut will insert a “using <namespace>” to your class.
This is great for when you know what class you want, but either don’t know the complete namespace that it belongs to, or are too lazy to type it out
To use it, type “XmlDocument” and then the key combination. It should give you a popup of possible namespaces to use.
Ctrl + ] Moves the cursor to its corresponding bracket.
Ctrl + Shift + ] This is similar to the shortcut above, except that it will highlight all text.
Ctrl + Shift + Alt + C This shortcut will copy the contents of a specific parameter tooltip.
Ctrl + K, Ctrl + C This shortcut will comment out either the line that the cursor is on, or comment out a selection of code.
Ctrl + K, Ctrl + U This is the opposite of the above shortcut, and will uncomment a selection of code
Ctrl + K, Ctrl + D This shortcut will format the whole document.
Ctrl + K, Ctrl + F This shortcut will format a selection of text.
Ctrl + L This shortcut will cut out a whole line.
Ctrl + Shift + L This shortcut will delete a whole line.
Ctrl + U This shortcut will lowercase the selection of text
Ctrl + Shift + U This shortcut will uppercase a selection of text.
Ctrl + Tab This shortcut will display a popup window with all of the pages and windows that are open.
Similar to ALT + TAB, except that its limited to Visual Studio

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