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Multiplied Media’s Poynt is a BlackBerry Developer Challenge Grand Prize Winner

Multiplied Media's Poynt On October 21st, it was announced that Multiplied Media’s (TSX:MMC) local search application “Poynt” (I previously reviewed the beta release) was one of three Best in Show Grand Prize winners in the Blackberry Partners Fund’s Developer Challenge.

For being a winner, each of the three companies will receive a $150,000 investment and will be entered into the “Jump Start” program.

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Along with Poynt, the other two winners are:
Strands Social Player: A music player that lets you discover new music, connect with people, and share your tastes with friends. It automatically shows cover art, provides artist and song recommendations from over 6 million songs featuring free previews, and fully integrates with a social network of music enthusiasts.
Nobex Radio Companion: Shows you what song is playing on any of 2700 radio stations and when you hear a song you like click “Get It!” and it will send you an email with a link to buy the song, so you can keep your music collection fresh. Over a hundred stations are now playable on your BlackBerry Smartphone.

I’m pretty sure that the guys over at MM wish that the winners were announced a few months ago, but hopefully, as the saying goes, “It’s never too late”.

(Disclosure: I’m a former employee of illumicell/Multiplied Media)

Microsoft is giving you a Second Shot

A buddy of mine pointed out to me today that the good folks over at Microsoft are again offering their Second Shot for free.

If you register and take a Microsoft exam between October 15, 2008 and December 31, and fail, you can rewrite it for free anytime up until June 30, 2009. If you pass the exam on your first try, you will get a 25% discount on your next exam which has to be taken before February 28, 2009.

Personally, I’m hoping that I can take advantage of this offer, and write my Distributed Applications exam and then my Windows Application of Pro Web Developer exam.

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