Linux Surpasses Windows in PC Market Share

By | September 2, 2007

Yes, you read that correctly. According to the latest W3Counter Global Stats, Linux has finally surpassed Windows in PC market share.

Windows 98 that is.

The entire Linux collective family has finally taken the lead (#5), which is like saying generations of some mob family has finally beaten your great grandmother (who you know doesn’t have much longer to live, but keeps sticking around for another day) after 9 years in a race.

Next up is Vista (#4) and Mac OS X (#3)

Operating Systems
1 Windows XP 83.48%
2 Windows 2000 3.94%
3 Mac OS X 3.73%
4 Windows Vista 3.46%
5 Linux 1.34%
6 Windows 98 1.34%
7 Windows 2003 0.69%
8 Windows ME 0.47%
9 Windows NT 0.06%
10 Mac PowerPC 0.04%

Congratulations to the Linux family, for finally beating my great grandmother.

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